On the topic of what chemicals are in your beauty products, it seemed that with many of the documentaries that are available to watch the information would be easy to prepare with a quick internet search.

What seemed like an easy task became rather shocking!

There is overwhelming information and evidence about the dangerous chemicals that effect your health which are manufactured into a vast array of beauty products.

It is a wonder why anybody would want to paint, smear, spread, absorb, seal in, coat or apply a mask to their delicate healthy skin and nails.

In trying to remain un-biased about this topic it is suggested that if you choose to apply beauty products to your body, you should briefly research the information about what is in the beauty products. There are a few links listed below.

In a 2015 documentary called “Stink” by Jon J. Whelan, there was video of a U.S. congressional hearing. The discussion was on the amount of known chemical that are allowed in beauty products used under the term FRAGRANCE in the United States, even though many of the chemicals were banned in other countries.

The term fragrance is the loophole term that allows the actual chemical formulas to be kept a trade secret.

In the 2012 article “Scent of Danger: Are There Toxic Ingredients in Perfumes and Colognes?” on the website it noted at that time there were about 3100 stock chemicals used for concocting fragrances.


In a 2014 article on the website it noted “10 Toxic Beauty Ingredients To Avoid.” ______________________

In a 2019 article on the website is notes that there about 4000 chemicals used for fragrance.


On, Breast Cancer Prevention Partners website they prepared a report of “The 10 products that ranked the most hazardous in terms of the highest number of chemicals linked to cancer, hormone disruption, developmental or reproductive toxicity and respiratory effects:”

If you have just a few minutes to look at the findings you might find it informative.

There’s an old saying that states, Beauty is only skin deep. The concern is that toxic chemicals can go far deeper. If a person is careful about what products they use on their body, as well as what they ingest, it is the hope that they can help to maintain a healthy body.

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We found a couple cosmetic companies that do not use the chemicals that are found in many of the brands on the market today. For beauty product options that will truly bring a smile to your face and to help reduce the amount of chemicals that are found in many products that are used daily, discover these options! .


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