Chandos Portrait of William Shakespeare

painted between 1600-1610

courtesy of National Portrait Gallery, London and article

With Some Modern Original Thoughts,

I wondered What Might Shakespeare Say?


Is it while in the womb, before the light of day has yet to touch the soft cheeks of a newborn babe that wisdom is bestowed upon a man?

Is it through the familiarity of men of old somehow one gains insight?

Nay, tis for the perceptive man that wisdom is obtainable,

yet not through possession alone doth he prove to be wise.

For out of conscious decision of thought

and one’s careful scheme whilst a plan develop.

Subsequently, if the partaker chose to act upon thus idea,

with either malfunction or triumph being the conclusion of things,

then further wisdom doth provide the bearer with future alternatives.

Tis for the paltry of thought and uncomplicated in aspiration,

that their lack of forbearance will lead inexorably again to their actuality

and absent from their perception of what should have been.

Taking hold of the beast’s horns to galvanize your ascendancy

Doth tempt outcome as the deliverer to intervene amid wisdom and folly.


An original Shakespearean thought about someone very young becoming queen I believe could be written like this.

‘Tis a day of wonder and awe when a child is born into this world.

The passage of birth is analogous from ruler to their subjects.

Of the few who are privileged by their exclusivity to touch the realm of Royal

favor as they stretch out their hand into this world,

they bear the weight that balances on their shoulders to govern with fairness

or malevolence.

Though the youth might bear’st the beauty of thy maternal patron,

one must wait to know if the temperament will be one of kindness or cruelty.

For as time proceeded, those with eyes to visualize truth and a mind to establish thoughts of discernment,

countless should have recognized that this young Monarch would mature

and flourish as the protector of her fair domain.

She was as beautiful and delicate as a butterfly of society,

Whilst her talent to rule began blossoming and she became the beloved

by her people.

As the symbols of years of gold and emerald were reached as a delicate hand

stretched out in later years as the seasons flowed across the land,

The reminiscence by her subjects having held such deep admiration within their

hearts for such a fine lady of strength and virtue, will keep her reign eternally ruminated for being as precious as the diamond that many cherish so dearly.


What’s in a fruit?

That which we call an apple,

by any other name would taste as sweet.

Alas, if in matrimony a doctor you have wed,

and still you bear a yearning desire for the apple that tastes so sweet,

then let gratitude abound for the cultivators of the earth

who grow this fine fruit

and bestow upon those your thankfulness

for the studies that reveal

that the desirableness of this object

doth not keep away the doctor with whom you are in union.

One can have their apple and eat it too.


Alas, in mediocrity we struggle and try to break free. Is it for the hopeful, the foolish, the naïve, or one with delusions of grandeur that can prevail to become as distinguished as the supernatural beings of this challenging achievement?

Is it purely by chance that one develops a flawless performance

of perfectly executed swings that can be likened to the graceful movements

of a ballet dancer?

Is there a divine force that’s bestowed upon a few mere mortals the ability to

exploit perfection as an instrument of wonder and awe on the fairway?

For the hopeful, the obsessed, and for those who relentlessly seek to conquer a challenge, do not concede to the games uncompromising veracity of the record of your swings.

Whether it’s for the good of the game or to trounce upon an underlying sentiment of inadequacy that the game itself will mercilessly try to manifest within your very soul, draw mettle fortitude to succeed.

Make ready yourself for the inner struggle that can unconsciously feel like a

garment intertwined by chain, shrouded around you ankle,

which relentlessly holds you to the earth,

while your aspirations are to stretch your arms towards the heavens

to grasp for excellence.

Prepare yourself as you would prepare for battle.

Practice… practice… practice.


Of earthly power and reign

can man or woman of flesh and bone truly compare to the illusions

of the ancient lore?

Wielding a golden scepter is a valiant effort

offered in stories and legends of creatures of the heavenly realm

in battles between giants and beasts.

Whether they set foot on earth

or purged their adversaries in their celestial kingdom

tales of old whilst always encourage the imagination of the hearer.

Mere mortal man, if even having accepted symbolic godly power

bestowed upon them,

doth pursue a path of governance

that teeters on victory or death and leaves a story for history.

Dreams of the strength of gods and creatures alike

will forge a common thread of belief amongst man.

Through time they whilst compare their acts of strength

with that of the divine.

Once their reign is complete

and the souls of earthly rulers has expired,

the romances of their métier and power

might exceed the veracity that is whispered

and is hoped to be remembered.

In the end, we are all only human.


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