The dimensions are on the image below

Attention, this is an art piece and not a stamp.

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My art piece took about 25 hours to complete.

This rendering can be displayed on its own

or attach the Queen Nefertiti stamp from your collection and

use this as the background for a unique way to feature an artistic stamp.

If you are looking for one to purchase, I have seen the 1956 Queen Nefertiti stamps available on a few stamp dealer websites.

I tried to capture the detail of the stamp with the shading and light.

I am always impressed by the artistry that the creator of an original stamp was able to draw and print on such a small piece of paper,

especially if it was created during the pre-computer age.

The dimensions of my art piece with the white boarder are shown below.

The actual size of the stamp art is approximately 2.25" x 2.75"

the original stamp is 0.875" x 1.1785" (22mm x 30 mm) approx.

I drew it to look like it was setting on white paper, and I tried to create the look of perforation tears to give it a 3 dimensional appearance on the paper

and background.

It is printed to fit into a picture frame that fits a 4" x 6" photograph,

either with or without a matt boarder. It can also fit a 5" x 7" frame.

The white boarder surrounding the blue background

gives room to trim the fit for a frame.


is only for display purposes and will not be on the print that you purchase.

Only $10

Thank you for looking!

my art piece is sold as a print without the picture frame

I have my print in a 5" x 7" frame
utilizing the white border as a secondary layered look.