one cent magenta

Artistic Rendering

ONE CENT MAGENTA - The 1856 One Cent Magenta stamp sold for $8.3 million US dollars at Sotheby's Auction house in June of 2021. Enjoy this artistic rendering of an 1856 Once Cent Magenta British Guiana Postage Stamp. Add one to your stamp collection! It is a conversation piece that can spark an interest in philately. Stamp collecting is a great way to explore world history and places of interest. Thanks for watching!

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This is a digitally hand drawn, detailed artistic drawing of an 1856 ONE CENT MAGANTA postage stamp. (It is an art piece for display and it is not a stamp.) The laser printed stamp artwork is approximately 3" wide x 2.75" high and made to appear on a black, gray and blue layered background, creating a 4" x 6" print for smaller picture frames, and an added white boarder for a 5" x 7" print to fit larger picture frames. It can be used with a mat, or the white boarder can be cut off to fit the smaller frames. The WATERMARK is for the online display only, it will not be on the print that you purchase. My artistic rendering, SOLD AS A PRINT WITHOUT THE PICTURE FRAME, would make a unique gift for the stamp collector of any age. It is a detailed art piece that can be used as a background to display your ONE CENT MAGENTA stamp instead of storing it in a postage stamp binder. I hope it will start a conversation about stamp collecting, the story about the rare ONE CENT MAGENTA of British Guiana and the history surrounding that postage stamp. Check out my other stamp artwork too! Thank you!