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The cure for insomnia? Helpful information found here at and Samples Marketing. How many times have you had one of those sleepless nights, the kind where you are turning to look at the clock every hour just to calculate how many fewer hours of sleep you might get if you could just fall asleep immediately? A sleepless night can be a topic that many people are all too familiar with. One night or two nights without a deep sleep might give someone something to talk about briefly when they go to work the following day, but extended nights without the proper sleep can become unbearable at times. There are tail-tell signs you feel with a lack of sleep like the slightly burning eyes, a little woozy or off balance when you first get up, a slight headache, the feeling of just wanting to fall back on your pillow and just call it quits for the day before you even get started. Temporarily having a sleepless night will probably correct itself once your body has reached that point of felling exhausted. You might reach that point and finally prioritize the rest of the daily responsibilities as unnecessary. It can feel very nice to finally get back on a normal sleeping routine.

For those who find that they are light sleepers or have been coping with sleep disruptors for an extended period, waiting for the body and mind to reach that point of exhaustion where it automatically goes into sleep mode can be distressing. The feeling of distress in turn can add to one more of the causes of the lack of deep sleep, or the ability to get to sleep.

There is evidence to show that different age groups need different amounts of sleep each day. Babies, children and teenagers tend to require more sleep then adults. On the website they prepared a graph showing the age groups and the typically required number of hours of sleep for various ages. For the young ages, when you take into consideration the fact that their physical bodies are growing at a substantial rate it is logical to see that their body will automatically dictate their need for sleep. When you also analyze the level of responsibility that the young have in comparison to a parent or young adult stating out in the world, it can be obvious that with a carefree schedule it might be easier to let go of the worries of the day.

This brings up the point of “WHY” we might be having the troubles of a sleepless night. When we aren’t sleeping well day after day we might notice, or if we don’t, others might notice that there is a change in our personality as well as our outer physical appearance. Without the proper sleep all we need to do is look in the mirror to see the effects on our physical appearance. To begin, where is the cheerful smile?

There are things to consider when trying to find out why you are not sleeping. Are there ideas, projects or responsibilities on your mind like daily tasks, social functions, financial responsibilities, or even global community issues that are creating unsettling emotions. Once your sleep pattern has changed to the point that it’s causing you the distress you must find the root of the problem. If it is daily scheduling issues, then you need to take control it and relieve some of that pressure. If you are among many others who are dealing with over-whelming financial responsibilities this can be a substantial worry that can affect your ability to sleep at night. One more important thing to consider is a health issue. On the website in their article on “Sleep Disorders” they list Insomnia, Sleep Apnea, Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) and Narcolepsy as some common sleep disorders.

If consulting a physician if self-diagnosis or internet diagnosis has not revealed the true cause. It might be true that we can know our bodies the best, but if there is someone who has a medical condition a second opinion from a studied professional might be helpful.

I knew someone who use to have a very difficult time trying to sleep at night. It was suggested that they try Melatonin, but most of the time it did not help. They were an avid book reader and tended to do very little physical activity. At a time in their life when they should burn off the extra energy in order to be ready to fall asleep at night, they chose not to do any strenuous activities. This type of lifestyle choice might be part of the reason that they did not have a regular sleep schedule.

If you think of the concept of charging the battery on your cell phone, logically, if you do not use it and it is still at 100% battery charge for the day, then it’s likely it won’t need any more re-charging. If you have too much extra energy your likely to not settle down or set aside thoughts that will keep you awake. If you are physically exhausted, but you are not able to shut off the thoughts in your mind which keep you awake, then mental exhaustion will eventually take over.

You must then examine what is causing you to stay awake. If you are not using the physical energy each day, a walk around the block could be a consideration. If your thoughts are pre-occupied, then finding a way to divert those until the following day might be the course of action.

I understand that some might say “It is easier said than done.” Personally, for three to four decades I have found it difficult to sleep through the night. About twenty years ago someone mentioned to me that they turn on a floor box fan on low and it helps to drowned out external noises. I use this method and I eventually became use to the hum of the fan at night. I am still a light sleeper and once something wakes me up it will always take two to three hours before I can fall asleep again. For nearly thirty years I have worked an evening shift. Morning and sunrise come around quickly when you can’t get back to sleep.

I do not use Melatonin because it has the reverse effect on me. A small glass of wine before I lay down sometimes make me tired, but I can wake up about an hour after I fall asleep and I am wide awake. I rarely watch television, so I don’t find very many interesting shows worth trying to watch at three or four in the morning. I’ve tried playing video games, but that tends to just wake me up even more. I found that less stimulating activities like playing the digital piano with headphones can help, but it still takes one to two hours to become drowsy again if things go well. Finally, I have lived with Tinnitus my whole life which is the constant ringing in the ears. If it is too quiet in a room at night, the ringing is so loud. As I mentioned I use the fan which helps to drowned out external noise and it helps with the ringing a little too.

On the website they listed eight things to consider if you are coping with sleep issues.
1. Rule out medical causes for your sleep problems
2. Stick to a regular sleep schedule
3. Get regular exercise
4. Be smart about what you eat and drink
5. Get help with stress management
6. Improve your sleep environment
7. Develop a relaxing bedtime routine
8. Postpone worrying.

It seems reasonable that everyone would agree with these ideas. If you regularly have a sleeping issue it is always important to remember to try to be kind to those around you. If someone expresses anger towards others because they are having the difficulties of getting proper sleep, sooner or later no one will be concerned about their problem.

In the Walt Disney film Bambi, there is a quote that has been said by many people in one variation or another. It simply states, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.”

If we want to keep friends, relationships with family, neighbors and co-workers, then it is best that we work on our self to find out what is ailing us when we can’t get proper sleep.

If the problem is not a medical issue and it’s caused by the inability to relax or release the worries of the day, one remedy might be as easy as relaxing and sitting down to drink a cup of herbal tea. The brand TRADITIONAL MEDICINALS has numerous herbal teas and one is the Organic Nighty Night tea. The flavor is described as minty and sweet with notes of citrus and spice. They have blended calming herbs like chamomile and linden flower to help you sleep easy.

When you are at a point when you feel you can’t keep existing with the same pattern of sleeplessness, it is time to try something different.

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