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With any illness or symptoms of a disease it is always wise to contact a professional medical doctor for diagnosis and possible treatment. Choices for a healthy lifestyle are for everyone to consider every day to maintain a balance in the body with nutrition, exercise, clean water and fresh air. In the hectic schedule of each day it might be easy to ingest a pill for any ache or pain that is felt somewhere in or on the body in order to get through a few hours. Planning for your health each day should be just as important as planning the tasks, chores and errands for the day.

Washing hands and showering help to maintain the health of the exterior of the body, but how much time and thought goes into maintaining the interior functions of our body.

In a 2010 article on "Nutritional Value of Fruits, Veggies is Dwindling"

by Sarah Burns, she addresses the findings of the studies that show that there is proof of declining nutrients in the 43 fruits and vegetables studied over a 30 to 50 year period.

It has been ten years since that article and likely that the processes of growing food for the mass population has not reversed the effects on the food.

An option to increasing the intake of the nutrients that the body needs to survive and maintain proper health are herbal supplements. You might find a typical disclaimer on the product and website of the distributor of the products that declare that the FDA has not evaluated the statements for the herbal products. It probably mentions to consult a physician if you are taking any other prescription medications and the statements are not intended to diagnose or treat any health conditions.

Everyone has the right to investigate the products and food that you are willing to ingest, but how often are the ingredients and nutrition values on the back label of food packaging read?

What is in your food? If the information on food and nutrition is available, but an individual disregards it, should the blame be put solely on one organization or entity if health issues arise because of declining health due to the result of that individuals choices? It is important to be informed and to do everything that you can to live as healthy as you can.

With many environmental issues that can affect our health as well as hereditary factors how many chances can a person have and how much time does each person have to consciously make the right choices?

Explore the options available for increasing the nutrient intake that the body needs.

Make an effort to understand what various herbs are used for.

Be aware of the origin, growth, harvesting and manufacturing of the herbal supplements to make sure that they meet safety standards and are as free from contaminants just as you would hope you will find in the food you purchase from the local stores.

Research any allergic reactions that might be possible for any herbal supplement consumed.

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On the website the nutritional information about Alfalfa Sprouts shows

Alfalfa is a great source for vitamins and minerals.

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