The quickest way to cutting your golf game in half will always be to play only nine holes instead of eighteen.

Realistically, if you’re not a professional golfer, then golf is a leisurely activity that should help to provide some exercise, develop mental concentration and cultivate a mindset of self-control over feelings of frustration.

There will be a day when you play a round of golf that might give some indication that if you played in a tournament you could be the victor.

Reasonably, one should also consider all the other days that give an indication that golfing is just for fun. If you happen to be one of those people that when you hold onto a golf club it feels like an extension of your hand and the game is as natural as breathing, then congratulations to you for finding that niche in life where your talent excels.

For the majority of avid and casual golfers, one must look at a round of golf as being just practice. A tournament is when you need the lowest score, a typical day on the golf course should be viewed as preparation.

If you rarely hit a ball into the rough, or you avoid the sand traps, when will you learn the proper strokes to hit it out?

If you use a day for practice, not only can you utilize the muscle memory later when it matters, but you can easily play the equivalent of two rounds of golf in one round. You are never charged extra for doubling the number of strokes that you play in one round of golf.

Practice, Practice, Practice. How many times have you heard that saying?

Is it better to pay for two rounds of golf in a day to see if you can improve your score the second time? Could practicing during the first round give you more experience and help to ease any feelings of stress that you put on yourself to hit the ball perfectly? Use each opportunity to learn the techniques to improve your game.

Applaud the fantastic swings, birdies, eagles, bogies and aces in the hole. Welcome the shout of Fore, the Duff, the Mulligan, the Ruff, the Hazzard, the Bunker and that occasional pond or lake that consumes many golf balls every year.

Undoubtedly, it feels great to achieve a goal set for anything, even lowering the number of strokes during a round of golf.

Consider this thought, how many times have you patted someone on the back and later thought about how wonderful it is that they cut a few strokes off their golf game? It is perhaps more of a personal best moment for that individual.

Watching a professional golfer who hits the lowest score will naturally encourage all of us to achieve a higher goal, but in order to get to a level that’s even close to theirs, there are many more practice swings that should be considered.

If Shakespeare played golf, maybe he would have said this about the game.

Alas, in mediocrity we struggle and try to break free. Is it for the hopeful, the foolish, the naïve, or one with delusions of grandeur that can prevail to become as distinguished as the supernatural beings of this challenging achievement?

Is it purely by chance that one develops a flawless performance of perfectly executed swings that can be likened to the graceful movements of a ballet dancer? Is there a divine force that’s bestowed upon a few mere mortals the ability to exploit perfection as an instrument of wonder and awe on the fairway?

For the hopeful, the obsessed, and for those who relentlessly seek to conquer a challenge, do not concede to the games uncompromising veracity of the record of your swings.

Whether it’s for the good of the game or to trounce upon an underlying sentiment of inadequacy that the game itself will mercilessly try to manifest within your very soul, draw mettle fortitude to succeed.

Make ready yourself for the inner struggle that can unconsciously feel like a garment intertwined by chain, shrouded around you ankle, which relentlessly holds you to the earth, while your aspirations are to stretch your arms towards the heavens to grasp for excellence.

Prepare yourself as you would prepare for battle.

Practice… practice… practice.