What's In Your Gum?

When you chew gum wouldn’t is seem logical to think that it is made from natural ingredients? Like many items we have enjoyed throughout our life it is possible that we do not question what it is made of.

Looking at the history of gum it seems to date back thousands of years, but the early forms of gum were from the natural substances of tree resins, bark, leaves and other roots that were all plant based. In an article on it is noted that as the interest in chewing gum increased in modern times manufacturers developed other ingredients to keep up with the demand.

On the International Chewing Gum Association website, they state that gum base “is made of a combination of food grade polymers, waxes and softeners.” It is also noted on their website that “Food grade polymers have been rigorously tested and have been determined to be safe for use in food.”

On the website in their article from 2011 on food grade polymers, it mentions that polymers made for food contact packaging is approved by the FDA and other regulatory departments in other counties.

In a search on the FDA website it was difficult to find information on food grade polymers and the definition of their exact use in food or for food contact.

As a consumer, it is up to each person to decide what they want to put in their body. If you have a choice to chew on chewing gum made from natural substances or synthetic polymers what would you choose?

As more information becomes readily available to the public and people are becoming aware of industry standards, consumers are given options and alternatives to what we eat and chew on.

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