Cat Food and Cat Health
can go hand in hand.

There are many cat foods to choose from and there are many ingredients that pet owners should investigate. As an animal grows and ages their needs can change as well as their preferred taste for the food you give them. If your pet develops an allergy to one or more ingredients it can be difficult, or even frustrating to find the right food for their needs.

One option that we have found for our cat who is now in her geriatric years, approximately 17 years old, is Instinct Cat Food.

We found the Grain-Free Chicken


Does your cat needs to be hydrated from time to time or on a regular basis?

If they are not drinking enough water, using a blender, you can blend

1 can of tuna fish (in water not oil) filled with an additional 4 cans of water to create a watery tuna fish drink that will help to keep them hydrated.

Feed 1/2 cup twice a day or more if needed.

Store in a jar with a lid in the refrigerator.



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